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Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is the use of another man’s sperm in the egg fertilization process. In cases where there is no sperm, the sperm is not suitable for use, or the use of sperm is inconvenient due to diseases, someone else’s sperm can be used. Sperm donation is also a method used by single women.

For which patients sperm donation is recommended?

  • Cannot obtain sperm in azoospermia-micTESE or TESE
  • Having bad results in IVF treatment because of quality of sperm
  • Man’s having a genetic disease which cannot be operated in embryos
  • The man has a viral disease that cannot be cleared from semen
  • Detection of severe chromosomal abnormality in sperm
  • Man’s being Rh+ and therefore isoimmunization was detected in previous pregnancy of the woman
  • Woman’s being single

Sperm Donasyonu için bireyler nasıl seçilmektedir ?

Sperm donors are chosen from sperm bank. Every donor has a certificate about disease teaselling. It is chosen from European sperm bank according to recipient’s physical characteristics or blood type.

Hazırlıklar nasıl yapılmaktadır ?

For sperm use, woman’s preliminary is necessary. Fort this woman is given some hormone drugs to improve her eggs following some examinations. This is called ovulation induction.

How is the success of sperm donation?

Sperm donasyonunun başarısını esas etkileyen faktör kadının yaşı, yumurta sayısı ve yumurta kalitesidir. Sperm kalitesi iyi olduğundan dolayı alıcı kadının özellikleri gebeliğin oluşmasında etkilidir.

Sperm donor is subjected to a detailed investigation in terms of chromosome analysis (Karyotype), thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, infectious diseases (Hepatits B, Hepatits C, HIV, Syphilis, CMV). Sperm donor’s profession, childhood photograph and manuscript is in the present informations.