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What Is Insemination Vaccination

Insemination is a common method used in patients who can’t get pregnant in natural ways.

Within the scope of vaccination treatment, in our in vitro fertilization center in Cyprus, eggs (1 or 2 of them) are grown with special drugs and ovulation with a cracking needle at the appropriate time.

  • Sperm is prepared in laboratory in 36th hour following this operation.
  • Fastest sperms are chosen and given into uterus with slim catheter.
  • Vaccination is an easy method whic is not required narcosis.

Practice Indications- To whom does it applied?

  • Patients whose infertile reasons are cannot explain
  • Woman who have spawning problems
  • Woman who have anormal cervix
  • Men who have slight concentration or movement problems in sperm counting

Stages in vaccination are as follows

Ovarian Stimulation and Ovulation Induction / Egg Growth

Egg growth is an operation which is intended to increase pregnancy chance. This operation based on insemination, that is, inoculation, in at least one intact tube of 1 or 2 eggs developed naturally or with drug treatment. For make it real, proper number sperm and sperm movement is needed. From beggining of the treatment to end of it, 10-12 days over total.

Preparing the Sperm

The main purpose of preparing sperm is to distill and choose the sperms which have best speed.
Within this context fast sperms are distilled from slow, motionless and dead sperms and taken to best condition for vaccination.

Insemination / IUI / Vaccination Process

For the inoculation process, sperm must be prepared first. For this reason, a sperm sample is taken from the man at least 2 hours before the procedure. In this way, sperm are made suitable for the vaccination process. In the vaccination / insemination process, the cervix is ​​made visible by means of a tool called speculum.
These applications are very similar to the smear process and the whole process is painless, anesthesia is not needed.

After the cervix becomes visible with the help of a speculum, the cervix is ​​passed through a soft cannula and the endometrium (inside the uterus) is reached.

At this stage, the sperms, which are started to be prepared approximately 2 hours before the application and the fastest ones are selected, are introduced into the endometrium.

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