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Embriyo Donasyonu Nedir ?

If a couple can’t have children and if it’s established in the reconnoiters that man don’t have sperm and woman don’t have egg or it’s not quality enough to be used, it’s recommended to make embryo donation to couple.

In this case a sperm sample which couple choose is provided from sperm bank.

At the same time egg is taken from suitable woman donor, then this eggs are compounded with sperms in proper methods in our IVF center in Cyprus.

Part of this embryos are transferred to expectant mother, and rest of the embryos are frozen and kept for using them later according to family’s claim.

With this method, the child who will be born later is provided to be full sibling.
What is essential for embryo donation is the uterus of the woman is to be healthy.

Kimlere Embriyo Donasyonu Uygulanabilir ?

Kadın Faktörleri

Erkek Faktörleri

  • Patients in climacteric
  • Patients who is in the transition period to climacteric
  • Patiens who is more than 43 years
  • Patients who have reccuring IVF failure
  • Cases which are determined to bad quality eggs in previous IVF trial
  • Cases in which eggs could’nt be obtained in the IVF trial
  • Cases whose ovarys were taken by surgery
  • Cases who took chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Who is the carrier of genetic or chromosomal disease
  • The claim of having children without men by women

  • Cannot obtain sperm in azoospermia-micTESE or TESE
  • Having bad results in IVF treatment because of quality of sperm
  • Man’s having a genetic disease which cannot be operated in embryos
  • The man has a viral disease that cannot be cleared from semen
  • Detection of severe chromosomal abnormality in sperm
  • Man’s being Rh+ and therefore isoimmunization was detected in previous pregnancy of the woman